Welcome to my website! My name is Denisa (b. 1992 in Slovakia), and I create my ceramic pieces in my home studio surrounded by nature, in a small town on West Zealand, Denmark. The main motivation behind Aliwe lays within the strong urge to create something beautiful, surreal and extraordinary with my hands, and to bring life and inspiration into your home and into this world full of mass-produced, soulless goods.

I get inspired on nearly every corner, collecting mental images everywhere I go, while travelling, wandering or just browsing books or internet. I am equally fascinated by man-made artifacts and natural world. Tribal and ancient art, antiquities, shamanism, fairy-tales, music, architecture, circus, but as well geometry and forms found in nature, animals, plants, rocks, bones, fossils…everything blends in my head, resulting in striking images that are being delivered to me. And then, with further developing skill, my hands take the responsibility of bringing those ideas into reality. The colors I use are melancholic, rustic and dreamy like the slow life on Danish countryside.

Most of my pieces stand on legs – whether simple or more intricate root-like structures. I aim to create objects with a creature-like character, evoking an impression that they are alive. And that’s where the name ‘aliwe’ comes from. Despite of the sculptural character, most of my pieces are meant to be functional and lived with. ♡